L E G A S E A,
Rua Nova da Alfarrobeira 5
2750-452 Cascais, Portugal

Phone: +351 968 485 495
+351 214 833 064

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Legasea Store


Is more than just a brand. A coming together of colour and positivity for the natural and peaceful soul. The soul that loves sunrises and sunsets, plants, fruits and animals, art, yoga and infinite waves, music, parties and, of course, the tropical way of life!


Full variety of healthy fats, proteins and fibers. 100% raw nuts and seeds. No added oils, sugars or other refined ingredients. “When the ingredient is truly good, it doesn´t need any additives or cooking”

Barrio Santo

Barrio Santo is made for those who value quality products, which wear well, which have a great touch, which value our bodies and take care of the environment in which they operate.

Sanpi cerâmicas

Hand in hand with the environment. Ensuring that our production is as sustainable as possible, as well as all our internal processes and packaging.

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