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Surfers’ Room

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Carolina & Vera, The Surfers

Friendship is something that grows like plants. Like nature, friendship is born naturally. It is born by itself and lives for itself and not to improve or replace something. It simply exists.
Carolina and Vera became friends because the sea brought them together.
Their friendship grew like the waves. It doesn’t need to have the same rhythm to prove that exists.

Like good friends they know when to be silent and talk when it’s time. They speak about plural and singular, trivial and consequential things. They bring out the best in each other, because mutual growth is more gratifying than individual one. They conquer the waves fearlessly and respect the ocean like their parents. Whoever defines the strength of being deserves bigger consideration. For them the sea defines both the days that are victories, or just those one needs to live to be able to taste conquests.


The Room

Shared dorm – up to 6 people

This 14 m2 shared room is composed by 2 bunk beds with 3 floors each.

Accomodates up to 6 people.

It has a shared bathroom.


All guests have access to the various common areas:

main courtyard, garden, co-work, shop, living-room, showers, wc, and upper terrace where Yoga and Ginastica Natural classes take place.


Air Conditioner


No Smoking

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