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Sailor’s Room

Room details

Camila, The Sailor

Camila grew up hearing her father, uncle and grandfather saying the world was to be discovered. As she grew up she would imagine the places she would like to visit, not knowing which places those would be. She made her first transatlantic trip when she turned twenty. There were five people on board. A few days after leaving Bahia, in Brazil, the engine broke down and they sailed for the next month with the wind and tides that would take them to Azores.

The ecuador is a very peculiar place. It’s where one is left with the understanding that the world is full of treasures, those that are uncountable. One day, whilst admiring the infinite horizon of water she was surrounded by, she thought it shouldn’t be any different from what one feels when is in the middle of a desert. On that trip she put her life into perspective for the very first time, being certain that she would continue to cross oceans for the rest of her life.

The Room

Familiar – up to 4 people

This 51 m2 suite has two distinct areas:

one that can be set up with a double bed or two single beds; and another with a living area that can be converted in two more single beds.

It has a private bathroom.

Organic homemade breakfast is included.


All guests have access to the various common areas:

main courtyard, garden, co-work, shop, living-room, showers, wc, and upper terrace where Yoga and Ginastica Natural classes take place.


Air Conditioner

Complementary Water


Hair Dryer

Hygiene Products


No Smoking

Organic Homemade Breakfast

Safety Box

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